Alloy Wheels - We repair your alloy wheels while on the vehicle at your location

Alloy Wheels

The Wheel man is a mobile alloy wheel repairer specialising in auto wheel repairs and refurbishment for private and business clients.

We are a convenient and cost effective solution to wheel rim repair, wheel refurbishment, and wheel reconditioning because we come to your home or business and perform aluminium wheel repairs on site.

Alloy Wheels

Wheels are a statement of themselves these days. They say a lot about the car and also the owner of the car. Alloy wheels, or mags as they used to be called, greatly enhance the look of the car and many owners want their rims looking like new. Owners are very particular when it comes to scratches or gutter damage on wheels, and can’t bear the thought that their wheels are damaged in any way.

Car wheels are as individual as their owners too. There are so many wheels to choose from, varying in size, shape, colour, and finish. This variation requires The Wheel Man to be specialized in all sorts of car wheel repair techniques and finishes.

Alloy wheels or mag wheels are made from aluminium alloy and this alloy is very soft. Also, most people don’t realise is that most automotive wheels are painted – that is they are all painted with a clear coat. But what most people don’t realise is that 90% of wheels are painted with a silver paint and then with a clear coat. So the alloy finish you see is not really the finish of a polished or machined rim. Only 10% of automotive wheels are machined or polished and then painted with a 2 pak clear coat.

Alloys can be cast aluminium, or forged. Wheels or rims can be single piece, two piece or three piece. Wheel repair in most types of wheels can be achieved with a high quality finish.

Please feel free to email us on with some photos and we will be more than happy to send you a quote to repair your valuable alloy wheels.