FAQs – Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs


Our FAQ section will help you with everything you want to know, from how we do the repairs to how much it costs. If you’re in need of an alloy wheel repair, request a quote here, or if you still have more questions, get in touch.

How it works

Do you take my wheel off the car?

No, we repair the wheel while it is still on your car.

How do you repair the wheel on the car?

We have a patented, specially designed system and equipment that allows us to do the full repair on your car. You can see our gallery[link to gallery] to see the finished result.

How do you repair the wheel?

Using specialised equipment on our mobile repair vans, we:

  1. Machine the damaged areas
  2. Prep the wheel for painting
  3. Paint the wheel then paint over with clear coat

This brings the wheel back to its original colour and condition.

Do you repaint the whole wheel?

We usually only repaint the damaged area, leaving the majority of the wheel in original condition.

Do you re-polish the wheel?

95% of wheels are painted silver, so we repaint these wheels rather than polishing them.

For the occasional wheel that does have a machined or polished finish, we re-polish it then paint over with a clear coat to preserve the polished finish.

Do you get paint on my car?

No, we don’t get paint on your car. Instead of using a normal spray gun (which has a high-volume spray), we only use an airbrush to re-paint the damaged area. This has a very focused, low-volume airflow so that we don’t get over-spray on your car.

Is the paint baked on?

No, the paint is air cured. This means the paint will take approximately 1 to 2 days to fully dry and cure, but it will be touch dry within an hour.

How do you repair?

I can see some white on my wheels – can you get rid of that?

Yes. The white you can see is the undercoat from the original painting process – we will repaint this along with all damaged areas.

How do you get rid of scratches?

We machine and sand the scratches back to a smooth finish and then re-paint the wheel.

What about the shine on the wheel, can you match that?

Yes, shine is clear coat – we paint clear coat on the wheel to match the original colour and shine.

How do you match the colour of my wheel?

We have a number of proprietary paints that we use to match the silver colour on every type of wheel.

Do you re-weld the wheel?

Not as a mobile service, but our workshop in Sydney caters for welds and buckles.

Caring for your wheel afterwards

How do I keep my wheel clean?

The best method to keep your wheel clean is to regularly clean it with soap and water, using a sponge to get into all the spokes and corners.

Can I use wheel cleaner on my wheels?

Be very careful using wheel cleaners. Some wheel cleaners use acid to help remove brake dust and other road grime, which will attack the clear coat and in some cases, cause discolouration after just one application. It’s safest to stick to soap and water to clean your wheels.

How long before I can drive the car?

It’s best to leave the car for at least one hour before driving it. The longer you leave the car before driving, the better the paint will dry and cure.

When can I wash the car?

It is best not to get the wheel wet for at least one day, and even better if you can leave it for 2 to 3 days for the paint to cure properly.

Do I need to get the wheel re-balanced?

Wheels don’t usually need to be re-balanced. The alloy is so light that the small amount of machining and repainting doesn’t affect the overall balance of the wheel and tyre.

What happens when I get the tyre changed?

The repaired part of the wheel will stand up to the tyre change as well as any other part of the wheel. As long as your tyre is changed using standard methods, the wheel should remain in good condition.

The results

Will I still be able to see the damaged area?

For most damaged wheels, you won’t be able to see the damaged areas. On some wheels where the damage was particularly deep, you will notice a change in profile of the wheel in that area, but once the wheel has been painted, it will blend into the surrounding areas and be virtually unnoticeable.

Do you guarantee the final finish?

Yes. We use a proprietary painting system to ensure that the paint adheres to the repaired surface for life. The process results in a standard hard coat of paint that, if treated correctly will not scratch, fade, or peel.

Time, payment and logistics

How long does a wheel repair take?

It generally takes 60 to 90 minutes to repair and repaint your wheel. You will need to wait another hour before you can drive your car, to allow the paint to become touch dry. It’s best to avoid getting the wheel wet for 2 days after, as the paint will take 1 to 2 days to fully cure.

How much does an alloy wheels repair cost?

Alloy wheel repairs generally cost between $120 and $200. The exact cost depends on the type of finish on the wheel, the wheel’s profile, and the amount and depth of damage on the wheel.

Do you take my wheel away?

No, we repair the wheel on your car at your location (or on-site at our workshop). It never has to be sent away for repairs.

How do I pay for the services?

We accept payment by cash, cheque or credit card (MasterCard or Visa). Payment with credit card incurs a 2% surcharge fee.