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Mobile repair specialists
We pioneered mobile repair technology, so we know mobile wheel repairs better than anyone.
Choose between your place and our workshop
If you’re time poor, we can come to you. If you want a workshop finish, you can access our full factory repair service.
Fast response time
We usually repair your wheel within 48 hours, but come faster where we can.
Painted and machine faced wheels
We repair all painted wheels, and machine faced wheels depending on the level of damage.
Experienced repair team
Our qualified wheel repair technicians are highly experienced, and you can trust them to give you a great service.
Customer satisfaction guarantee
If you’re not completely satisfied with the result, we’ll come back free of charge. See our 7-point guarantee.

Convenience and quality in alloy wheel repairs

At The Wheelman we know the frustration and disappointment of damaged alloy wheels, but also understand some people don’t have the time to take their car to a workshop to get it repaired.

That’s why at the Wheelman we offer full factory repairs in Sydney, and all mobile wheel repairs all over Australia.

Mobile wheel repairs done differently

Some people think mobile wheel repairs mean a sub-standard job that doesn’t always give the desired result, but not here. At The Wheelman, we have spent years developing mobile repair technology that allows us to get wheels looking just like new without removing them from your car.

From providing services for smash repairers to getting your pride and joy’s wheels back into top condition, we’ve been providing customers with a more convenient option for wheel repair for 20 years.

And we back it up with our 24 month warranty and 7 point guarantee.

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    Areas we mobile service

    Newcastle and Central Coast NSW
    Gold Coast

    Visit our workshop

    Our wheel repair workshops are located at:

    Factory 1, 10a Durkin Place
    Peakhurst NSW 2210

    “Just had my rim repaired and it’s an excellent job. Dave came to my place of work this morning and did such an amazing job on my rim. I was extremely happy with the service and workmanship. Highly recommended.”

    Rated 5 Stars

    Mobile and workshop wheel repairs

    We’re committed to helping all customers solve their alloy wheel damage problems quickly and conveniently. While our mobile repairs cater for wheels with curb rash, scratches and blemishes, we have two Sydney workshops for more involved repair jobs including full CNC machining in our lathe or fixing cracks and buckles.

    Our two workshops, based in Peakhurst, have state-of-the-art alloy repair equipment for wheels that need that bit extra TLC.

    Unsure whether you need a mobile or workshop wheel repair? By sending a photo with the Get a Quote form, we can assess the level of damage and let you know if a mobile repair will be suitable, or for Sydney-based customers, if you need to come into the workshop for an alloy wheel repair.

    Located in Newcastle or the Central Coast? You can still get a workshop repair for your alloy wheel without the drive. We can pick up and drop it off for you for an extra fee.

    Our mobile service repairs

    • Stone chips
    • Curb rash
    • Peeling paint
    • Scratches
    • Gutter damage
    • Blemishes

    Our mobile alloy repair service provides

    • Machining
    • Wheel and rim painting
    • Wheel polishing
    • Clear coating

    More About Mobile Repairs

    Our workshop repairs

    • Buckles
    • Cracks

    Our workshop equipment includes

    • CNC Lathe
    • Wheel straightening equipment
    • Welding and machining
    • Spray painting booth
    • Air compressor
    • The latest wheel balancing technology
    • Computer colour-matched wheel painting system

    More About Workshop Repairs

    “Thank you for arranging this repair and I would appreciate it if you could please pass on my gratitude to the man who did the repair – his work is absolutely first class.”

    Rated 5 Stars

    Cutting edge technology

    We’ve spent years developing mobile alloy wheel repair equipment capable of machining, polishing, wheel painting and clear coating alloys to bring them back to their original condition, usually in under 90 minutes.

    Our wheel and rim repair team are all qualified spray painters, trained by The Wheelman, and highly experienced in wheel repairs, to ensure an excellent result every time.

    For Sydney customer who come into our workshop, we have spared no expense in the very best alloy wheel repair and refurbishment equipment, including:

    • A Lenco CNC Lathe which can profile and machine all wheels up to 22 inches in diameter
    • TIG welding and machining
    • Wheel straightening equipment
    • A fully compliant spray painting booth
    • An advanced air compressor with a refrigeration unit, to ensure there is no fluid or marking in lines
    • The latest wheel balancing technology
    • A wheel painting system that uses a computer to colour-match wheels
    • And much more

    The Wheelman 7-Point Guarantee

    Customer satisfaction is our Number 1 priority. We have 7-Point Guarantee to ensure we achieve that every single time.

    1. Durability guarantee – 12-month warranty on all alloy wheel repair jobs
    2. Wheels that look like new – guaranteed
    3. Product satisfaction guarantee
    4. Customer service guarantee
    5. Cleanliness guarantee
    6. Follow-up guarantee
    7. Personal care guarantee

    Read more about our guarantees

    Frequently asked questions

    Using specialised equipment on our alloy wheel repair vans, we:1. Sand and or machine the damaged areas
    2. Prep the wheel for painting
    3. Paint the wheel then paint over with clear coatThis brings the wheel back to its original colour and condition.For wheels with a machined or polished finish, we re-polish it and apply paint if and where necessary and paint over with a clear coat to preserve the polished finish. Click here for more information.

    Yes. The Wheelman developed the Machined Face mobile repair in 2007. This process provides a high quality finish where it is extremely difficult to see any blemishes or differences to your new looking wheel. The process has since been copied across the USA, UK and Australia, but there is nothing quite like the original Wheelman repair.

    Usually your alloy wheel repair will cost $140 to $200. The exact cost depends on the amount of damage and the type of wheel. You can use the quote form or text a photo to 0490 040 409 for a free quote. Click here for more information.

    It generally takes 60 to 90 minutes to repair and repaint your wheel. You can usually drive your car straight away but we ask not to touch or wash the wheel for 48 hours to allow the paint to become touch dry. If it’s raining you might notice water beading up on your wheel – please leave this to air dry as the wheel will take up to 7 days to fully cure.

    We repair and refurbish almost all alloy and mag wheels, including painted, machine-faced, chrome and polished wheels.We repair wheels from all makes of cars, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Jeep, HSV, Audi, Porsche, Holden, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, Land Rover, Toyota, Citroen, Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Mini, Skoda, and more.

    We usually only repaint the damaged area using colour-match technology, and leave the majority of the wheel in original condition.

    No, we don’t get paint on your car because we don’t use a normal spray gun with a high-volume spray. Instead we use an airbrush to re-paint the damaged area, which has a very focused, low-volume airflow that vaporises within 15mm from the tip of the gun, so that we don’t get overspray on your car.

    No, the paint is air cured. This means the paint will take approximately 1 to 2 days to touch dry and up to 7days to fully dry and cure, but it will be air dry within an hour.

    Yes. The white you can see is the undercoat from the original painting process – we will repaint this along with all damaged areas.

    We machine and sand the scratches back to a smooth finish and then re-paint the wheel.

    Yes, shine is clear coat – we paint clear coat on the wheel to match the original colour and shine.

    We have a number of proprietary paints that we use to match the silver colour on every type of wheel.

    Not as a mobile service, but our workshop in Sydney can repair welds and buckles for alloy wheels.

    Our workshops are located in Sydney, and our mobile repair service covers Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra and surrounding regions. We also service rural locations such as the Central Coast in NSW, Wollongong, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat and Shepparton (Travel fees may apply to some locations).

    Send us a photo via the quote form or on 0490 040 409. Or you can simply call 1300 933 299. We’ll give you a quote, answer any questions you might have and then you can book in an appointment. Click here for more information.

    We’ll need to be able to work on a concrete driveway and have access to a power point.

    Servicing car owners and smash repairers across Australia

    We help both car owners take care of their pride and joy, and smash repairers who want to offer onsite alloy wheel and rim repairs. In New South Wales we cover greater Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast and Wollongong, while in Victoria we cover Melbourne, Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Shepparton and Echuca. Our mobile repairers are also located throughout Australia in Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth and Canberra.

    We’re a great fit for you if:

    You’re a smash repairer who wants to offer on-site wheel repair
    We can provide high quality, onsite wheel and rim services at smash repair yards.

    You’re selling your car
    We help many customers get their alloy wheels in top condition to add value to their car and make for an easier sale

    You (or the person borrowing your car) had an accident or run-in with the curb
    Accidents are never fun, and damaging your alloys (or worse – someone else’s alloys) can be very frustrating. Luckily for you, our alloy wheel repair will get your wheels looking just like new – in most cases you won’t be able to tell they were damaged in the first place.

    You’re keen to keep your car in top condition
    If your car is your baby, we understand you wanting to remove even the slightest wheel damage or blemish. As highly experienced repair technicians, we’ll give it the care and attention it deserves.