Mag Wheel Repair


Mag wheel repair is just a phone call away with The Wheelman. We specialise in auto wheel repairs and refurbishment for private and business clients, providing a convenient and cost effective solution because we come to your home or business and repair the damaged to the aluminium wheel on site.

The magnesium alloy wheel repair process is fairly straight forward, but it does require the correct tools and paints otherwise, the attempted mag wheel refurbishment will look worse that the original damage.

In order to fix and refurbish your wheels back to their original splendour does require a degree of skill, and very few smash repair shops are prepared to take the time and trouble for rim repairs because it is so fiddly and time consuming.

Mag Wheel Repair Equipment

However, with the right equipment, on-wheel, mobile wheel repairs is a growing business because of the increasing number of prestige cars with either no spare wheel, or a space saver wheel.

Most Car owners need their cars every day and find it difficult if their car is off the road for more than a day, so the convenience of a mobile wheel repair service is very attractive to them.

When it comes to two piece and three piece wheels, this requires advanced alloy wheel repair techniques, which our technicians are trained to perform for mag wheel repairs.

Our technicians are trained to perform wheel repairs in all types of wheels, from wheel scratches, rim scratches, gutter scratches and rashes. Wheel repair in all these types of damages can be achieved with a very high quality wheel reconditioning finish.

Please feel free to email us on with some photos and we will be more than happy to send you a quote to repair your valuable alloy wheels.