Wheel Cleaning


Wheel cleaning should be undertaken with a degree of caution. Your alloy wheels can be easily damaged by the cleaning agents that you use when cleaning the rims.

If you take your car to a car wash for cleaning and detailing, you need to ensure that the car wash DOES NOT use an acid or solvent based wheel cleaner.

Unfortunately, many car washes use an acid or solvent based cleaner on your wheels to remove the brake dust and general grime that builds up on your alloy wheels.

What is recommended for wheel cleaning?

We highly recommend that you use only mild soapy water to clean your alloy wheels. Many cleaners use acid to help to remove brake dust, which can damage the clear coat and stain the wheel with a white film.

Wheel refurbishing and alloy wheel reconditioning takes time and requires advanced alloy wheel knowledge and wheel repair specialists skills in order to achieve a high quality finish.

DO NOT get water on your alloy wheels and rims for 48 hours after being repaired, otherwise the water can etch spots into the clear coat. Automotive paints and clear coats take up to 30 days to fully cure.

The Wheel Man is a mobile alloy wheel repairer specialising in auto wheel repairs and refurbishment for private and business clients. The Wheel Man provides a convenient and cost effective solution to wheel rim repair, wheel refurbishment, and wheel reconditioning because we come to your home or business and repair the damaged to the aluminium wheel on site.

Repairs and surface finishes to the aluminium wheels are needed if it has scrapes, gouges, curb rash or abrasion, brake dust contamination or clear coat erosion. Proper maintenance and cleanliness contributes to the performance and beauty of your cherished wheels.

Please feel free to email us on info@thewheelman.com.au with some photos and we will be more than happy to send you a quote to repair your valuable alloy wheels.