Alloy wheel repair cost

What does an alloy wheel repair cost?

How much does an alloy wheel repair cost? Pricing is quite reasonable, starting at $99 and ranging to over $220. Most repairs are somewhere between $120 and $170 and that’s based on:

  1. What type of finish does your wheel have – painted, machined, or polished?
  2. What sort of profile does your wheel have?
  3. How much damage is on the wheel?
  4. How deep is the damage?

More about alloy wheel repair cost

Typically, the cost to repair a painted wheel varies between:

  • $99 for a light scratch that is less than 5mm long
  • $150 for a wheel lightly scratched around half the edge
  • $220 for a wheel that is damaged around the whole wheel and face and/or has deep gouging

Machined wheels

For a machined wheel, the cost for an onsite repair varies from $130 to $240. For a full CNC lathe re-machining, the cost varies from $280 to $320, depending on the complexity of the wheel’s profile.

How to get an accurate quote

The best way for us to quote you is to see a photo of the wheel. Try and get a picture of the full face of the wheel, so we can see all damage in the one photo. This will also tell us if the wheel can be repaired onsite, or if it needs to be repaired in our workshop.

Send a photo and get a quote

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