wheel repair

Owning a beautiful car is a great joy…until you drive through a bad section of road or accidently scrape a gutter or curb. It’s extremely easy to damage alloy wheels. All it takes is some poorly maintained road or having to avoid a bad driver. We can repair…

  • Stone chips
  • Curb rash
  • Peeling paint
  • Scratches
  • Gutter damage
  • All blemishes.

In the past, repairing cosmetic damage to alloy wheels was a major pain. You had to get your car to a specialist – sometimes half way across the city. Then you had to leave your car with the specialist for up to two weeks. And then you got a massive repair bill.

That’s All Changed with The Wheel Man.

We provide full-service cosmetic repair for alloy wheels – any type of wheel and all car makes. In about two hours, your wheels will look like new.

The development of the technology took many years and the state-of-the-art equipment can machine, polish, paint and clear coat alloy wheels – bringing them back to their original ‘showroom’ condition. We make what used to be a highly complex process remarkably simple.

Each alloy wheel is unique. For example, some wheels are fully painted, some have a polished rim, some have painted centre spokes, and some have a machined face and are painted on the insides. Fixing alloy wheels requires highly specialised skills – and the right kit.

We’re highly experienced with a great track record of success and we come to you – so you don’t have to spend hours driving to the repair shop. Plus we have state-of-the-art mobile equipment.

How We Make Alloy Wheel Repair Fast and Convenient

  • We come to your location. That’s right – no need to tow your car to a specialist or drive to a repair shop. We come to you. Anywhere in the Sydney area.
  • Cost savings. Because we’re faster, repairs typically cost less.
  • We have the technical nous. Our Technical Manager, John Garlick, is a mechanical engineer with extensive experience fixing alloy wheels. Get peace of mind knowing that you’re working with the most knowledgeable experts.
  • Two hours instead of two weeks. Our repair services take around two hours. If you go to a specialist repair shop, repairs for some wheels can take up to two weeks. Two hours or two weeks…the choice is yours.
  • We service every model of alloy wheel for any model of car.

Rock-Solid Guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with the work, we come back until you feel like the wheel looks like new. No questions asked.