How do you repair my wheel?

For Painted Wheels:

With painted wheels, for a mobile, onsite repair, we sand back the damaged area until it’s all smooth, we match the paint colour and then re-spray the repaired area to bring the wheel back to it’s original finish. We use professional automotive paints including 2 pak clear coat.

Please note that shadow chrome wheels are all a different shade of shadow chrome. This applies to all factory finished wheels even from the same manufacturer as well. When we repair these wheels on site, we colour match each wheel, however, there will be a slight variation in colour that may be visible on close inspection at certain angles. If shadow chrome wheels are fully repainted in the workshop, then it is impossible to provide an exact colour match in shadow chrome.

For Machine Finished Wheels

With machine finished / diamond cut wheels, we have two options:

1. Mobile repair service

The first option is an mobile, on site repair, and 90% of our customers are happy with the results of our mobile onsite repair service.

With this option, however, we cannot repair the wheel back to it’s original machined-faced finish. We will sand and polish out the damage and then we spray a light coat of silver onto the repaired area to blend in the repair work. This will be visible on close inspection and in direct sunlight but will be much less noticeable when standing back and looking at the wheel.

2. CNC lathe machine finish

The second option is to bring the wheel into our workshop and remachine the face of the wheel. 10% of our customers want the wheel to be back to 100% machined factory finish and this is the only way to achieve this.

With this option the wheel face is fully remachined and then recoated with a 2 pak clear coat. The final finish is like a brand new wheel.

This will take 3-4 working days to complete.

We are more than happy to provide you with either option, our main priority is to make sure that you are delighted with the final result, because we care about your wheels as if they were our wheels.

Some wheels are not repairable

These include

  • chrome plated wheels
  • highly polished flat faced wheels
  • finishes that are a liquid chrome colour that are also very difficult to colour match

If you have any questions or want to discuss these options further, please ring me on 0490 040 409, and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

Please Note: If we see from your photo that the wheel is badly damaged – we will ask you to bring the Wheel into our Gladesville Workshop so that we can fill as required and re-paint the entire wheel to get it back to it’s original finish.

When we repair a wheel on site, it takes approximately 1 hour to repair a wheel. We need to work on a concrete driveway and have access to a power point.