Mobile Alloy Wheel Repairs Specialist – The Wheel Man

Picture this scenario: there you are, slowly parking the car, and making sure you are well away from the gutter, then something distracts you and before you know it – “SCRAPE” – you hear that awful sound of metal against stone. Your heart sinks, and you can’t believe what has just happened, especially after you get out out and inspect the damage – it looks TERRIBLE!

The problem is, car wheels are made from aluminium alloy. Your wheel rims, or mags wheels as they are sometimes called, are made from aluminium alloy because it is a very light weight material, but at the same time, these aluminium wheels are as soft as butter, and only a gentle touch against a rock or concrete, will scratch your expensive wheel.

Also, there are a number of different types of wheels in the auto industry (excluding the high performance or racing industry). Some wheels are fully painted, some wheels have a polished rim and painted centre spokes, some wheels have a machined face and painted on the insides, i.e. on the sides of the spokes, and some wheels are a fully polished aluminium. All wheels or mags use a clear coat on the surface, whether they are polished, machined, or painted.

Aluminium wheel repair is not a simple process – it it depends on the type of wheel you have, whether it is a painted aluminium alloy wheel, a polished or machined rim with painted centre spokes, machined faced, or fully polished mag wheel. It also depends on the type of damage that has occurred. Usually a wheel scratch or stone chip is not limited to just the paint layer, but has gouged the aluminium rim as well.

The Wheel Man can fix your wheel in-situ, either at your home or office, whichever is the most convenient for you. We don’t remove the wheel from your car, and we provide a full alloy wheel refurbishment service for wheel scratches, machined or polished rim repairs, and stone chip repairs.

This is where our exclusive “The Wheel Man” equipment and processes comes in. We bring the manufacturers tools conveniently to you, either at your home or work place. The Wheel Man, a one man complete workstation, allows us to re-machine the wheel at your location, with the tyre and wheel still mounted on the car. No longer do you need to remove your wheel and dismount the tyre, spending excess time and money.

It doesn’t matter if it is a wheel scratch, rim repair, aluminium wheel repair, or gutter scrape, The Wheel Man can fix your wheel. We repair the damage (no fillers or welding needed), and repaint and clear coat the wheel, to its like new condition. All colours are custom matched to your wheels colour.

Unfortunately, chrome wheels cannot be repaired, as there are no companies in Australia that will re-chrome auto alloy wheels. Also, The Wheel Man is not able to repair any structural damage to aluminium rims or alloy wheels, which includes cracks or bent rims.