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Is a mobile repair on a machine faced wheel perfect?

The quick answer is no, but if you stop there, you miss out on saving a dollar or two, and on time and convenience.  AND, the real truth is, The Wheelman can complete high quality mobile alloy wheel repairs that will leave you extremely impressed.

The difference is that a mobile repair is completed by hand.  It’s why we’re extremely fussy on how we recruit, employ and train our alloy wheel repair technicians and a large reason for why The Wheelman is the number 1 mobile alloy wheel repairer in Australia.  A good technician will leave you astonished that the repair to your alloy wheel has come out that good.  And that’s our goal at The Wheelman.

When repairing a machine faced wheel outside of a CNC lathe, you remove some of the cutting lines a CNC machine would normally leave.  We then bring back the even shine of a machine faced wheel before we place a 2pak clear over it to protect it.  We’ve been developing this technique since the late 2000’s and its something we take great pride in.  We’re not only the number one mobile alloy wheel repairer in Australia, we can also complete a CNC lathe repair in our workshop, providing a more complete service for all of our customers.

Prices vary based on the type of wheel and the extent of damage, however what doesn’t vary is the enthusiastic response we get from our customers as they pick up their vehicle and inspect the wheel repair.