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In Adelaide, & in fact every other location we undertake wheel repairs, the most common question we receive at The Wheelman is “can you repair my machine faced wheel?”

Machine faced wheels are capturing the new car market and currently occupy in excess of 60% of new car wheel styles. There are many different combinations of machine faced wheels and many differing styles of cutting and colours. The Wheelman CAN repair these alloy wheels in a mobile format, and, in fact, we developed the process way back in 2009. Developing new processes is what helps put The Wheelman ahead of the pack when it comes to mobile alloy wheel repair.

We’ll walk you through the process, just to ensure you’re comfortable and always super confident you’ll be impressed with the repair, otherwise we simply wouldn’t offer it.

However, you need to be aware that there are pitfalls to this process, and we are by no means laying claim to a new wheel, we’re simply making it look like new.

The major concern for our customers is that if we’re not putting the wheel back in the CNC lathe, are we really regenerating the mag or alloy wheel? And that answer is no.

Within our mobile wheel repair process, The Wheelman will sand back the damaged area and recreate the profile of the wheel to look like new to the naked eye.

We then finish the wheel and re spray a 2pak clear to protect the wheel and to ensure it has that glossy new look to it. We always like to explain though, that if you have a keen eye, hop down on your hands and knees close to the wheel in good sunlight, there is a chance you’ll be able to identify the repaired area, but you really need to know what you’re looking for. But why would you do that?

If you want a new wheel, we can put it in the CNC lathe and bring it back to new in our wheel repair workshop, the difference being additional cost and time.

And they’re the customer choices we like to provide. In the main, customers look at their wheel with satisfaction and astonishment that the mobile repair is an outstanding piece of work by The Wheelman fully trained technicians.

With more and more machine faced wheels appearing on new cars, it’s important to have trust in your alloy wheel repairer. At The Wheelman, we’ve been around since 2005. In 2008 we travelled to the USA and UK to identify any tips or tricks and bring them back to Australia.

2009 was a watershed year for The Wheelman, developing the mobile alloy wheel repair for machine faced wheels and we’ve only improved on our methods since. We only employ qualified spray painters and we have a relentless training regime that ensures our customers get the best alloy wheel repair in Australia.

That’s why we’re confident in your wheel repair satisfaction.